Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Arab conspiracy to take Arab land away from Jews

Freudian slips are often used as evidence of the Israeli leaders' nefarious designs because Israeli Jews have learned that they can't say what they think, or it will dawn on Americans that, for instance, 104 outposts in the West Bank are part of a policy, rather than a series of unfortunate coincidences.

Did I say Israeli Jews? Sorry, I meant Israeli Ashkenazim. The Sephardi sector of Israeli Jewry are much less aware of diplomacy and have no problem speaking their minds. And their minds are ugly:

Jews and Israeli-Arabs should not live next to one another, Construction and Housing Minister Ariel Attias said on Thursday.

He warned of the "expansion of a population that doesn't love the State of Israel, to say the least."

Speaking at the Israel Bar Association headquarters in Tel Aviv, the Shas legislator said Israel was in danger of "losing the Galilee" if the Israeli-Arab population continued to "spread" in the North, and mentioned in particular the Wadi Ara area, where he asserted that Harish, a haredi community planned to be built there, was a "mission of national importance" that could help "stop the expansion."

According to this minister from Israel's Sephardi party, the Jews might be on the verge of losing the Galilee to the people who have always lived there.

"Arabs don't have where to live, so they buy apartments in places with a Jewish nature, which causes unwanted friction," Attias said.

"We can all be bleeding-hearts," said the minister, "but I think it is unsuitable [for Jews and Arabs] to live together."

Very reasonable; one should not live next to people who are not worth a millionth part of one's fingernails, as per rabbi Perrin's formulation.

Attias used the Jewish-Arab clashes last year in Acre to explain his argument. "The mayor of Acre [Shimon Lankry] met with me yesterday for three hours, and asked how to save the city. He told me to bring a whole lot of haredim to save it," Attias said.

The minister quoted Lankry as saying, "I will even lose my political power."

"He told me that Arabs living in Jews' buildings chase them away," Attias added.

That's right; events like those in Acre clearly show that the Arabs are pursuing the goals set forth in The Protocols of the Elders of Mecca. That's why they come with their tanks, choppers, tear-gas canisters and skunk-smelling water cannons and chase the Jews away from their buildings. But fortunately the Haredim, armed with their faith, will defeat, against all odds, their vastly superior forces and equipment, like David did vs. Goliath.

I will spare you my usual tirade about what the reaction would be if any leader in Europe, speaking about the Jews, etc., etc. But just tell me: don't you love these Sephardim? They're so outspoken, so lacking in hypocrisy, so unconstrained by political correctness, so... so... so Arab! Self-hating, but Arab, at least in this key cultural aspect.


William Burns said...

To be fair, Lieberman and the Yisrael Beteinu crowd seem fairly free from "political correctness" and they're hardly sephardic.

edwin said...

That's a prety open ended statement you got there Anonymous.

It looks like you think that there is one big gigantic Muslim Conspiracy.

How about you tell us what happened starting in 1947 and proceeding to 1949 with the Palestinians. I'll give you a hint: it raised the possibility of famine in some countries as well as serious political instability.

It looks to me like tit for tat racism - with some interesting assistance by Zionist thrown in on the side.

1. Lavon Affair


Anonymous said...

After a million Sephardic Jews were dispossessed and deported from a dozen+ countries they had lived in for thousands of years -- long before the sects of Christianity and Islam came along -- is it really so difficult to understand their antipathy to the very people, Arab Muslims, who stole their money, land and threw them out of their homes?

About Medicine Blog said...

According to this minister from Israel's Sephardi party, the Jews might be on the verge of losing the Galilee to the people who have always lived there.