Sunday, January 29, 2012

On keeping a blog like this

Over the last few months I've been discouraged to continue to keep this blog. The reason is simple. This is a blog devoted to expose bad-faith defenses of Israel. The problem is that such defenses have a sort of lack of genetic variety, or, to put it in a simpler way, they are always the same. The argument, for instance, that Gaza doesn't suffer from the Israeli blockade just because candy bars are allowed in or a roller coaster exists in the strip can be easily defeated, as I have, by pointing out that even in the Warsaw ghetto the Nazis allowed Jews such luxuries as a symphony orchestra, or paper to print posters. This doesn't deter the hasbarists, however, and they keep citing the same argument over and over.

The same goes for the endless denunciations of Iranian president Mahmood Ahmadinejad's nonexistent threat to wipe out Israel. Even as the regime has repeatedly declared that Israel will collapse on its own, and that there's no need for Iran to intervene, the canard is tenaciously repeated.

Similar to all propaganda efforts, hasbara is not about making convincing cases based on sound logic, but about using any means available to defend Israel. This includes lies and false analogy, and if such devices are exposed it doesn't matter, because a lie becomes a perceived truth if it is repeated often enough.

I recently discovered, however, that one of my posts had forced a correction by CAMERA, the rabidly Zionist propaganda organization (more about this in an upcoming post). So that maybe keeping the blog does make a difference after all, and I've decided to start posting again.


بنجامين گير said...

Antonio Gramsci wrote that "any cultural movement which aimed to replace common sense and old conceptions of the world in general" should never tire of "repeating its own arguments (though offering literary variation of form): repetition is the best didactic means for working on the popular mentality."

Also: "The same ray of light passes through different prisms and yields different refractions of light: in order to have the same refraction, one must make a whole series of adjustments to the individual prisms. Patient and systematic 'repetition' is the fundamental methodological principle. But not a mechanical, material repetition: the adaptation of each basic concept to diverse peculiarities, presenting and representing it in all its positive aspects and in its traditional negations, always ordering each partial aspect in the totality."

Gert said...

Welcome back, bad boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey buster got anymore anti-Sinitism for us?
“The Hasbara Buster
The article blames Chinese imports. Another case of Palestinian anti-Sinitism?”

Anonymous said...

More UNESCO worthy Palestinian Culture
Praise for killer of 5 members of Fogel family on Palestinian Authority TV

Anonymous said...

Very happy to see you back. I've been going to your site regularly since you stopped posting, hoping you'd start again, disappointed whenever I saw "Polls that matter..." and nothing new. Welcome back. I find your site incredibly useful and enlightening.

William Smart said...

Hey, don't give up! I've only just found you!

Documenting the dishonesty of Zionist arguments and the bad faith of spokesmen for the state of Israel should be endlessly satisfying to point out.

Furthermore, we can be pretty sure that the apartheid regime cannot last much longer. Israel doesn't look like a place to have a future - especially not for people thinking of their kids.

Of course, only professional Israelis are leaving now, and the very paranoid and dangerous ones forced to stay behind in the bunker are even more likely to blow us all up (at least, in the Northern Hemisphere).

But at least document what happens from a position of relative safety!

Anonymous said...

Great blog, you are doing a magnificent job and being very helpful. Don't give up!