Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Zionists and the flotilla fiasco: let the masturbation begin

There are several aspects to Israel's assault on a Gaza-bound flotilla with humanitarian aid yesterday that left about 10 civilians dead. The least important one is whether the attack was technically legal or not. It is unimportant for the same reason that it is irrelevant whether the Chinese repression on Tiananmen square in 1989 was done within or beyond the boundaries of the law. What is most relevant is, in both cases, that the tragedy was a corollary to a history of major human rights violations. Curtailment of freedoms and harsh repression of political dissent in one case; the inhumane, pointless and grotesque siege of a defensless people by a nuclear power in the other.

Regardless, Zionist bloggers have been working overtime to revive obscure pieces of wartime legislation buried here and there, or to undig this or that article in the naval code of country X, to defend the indefensible, namely an attack on an unarmed ship in international waters.

Others, like Shmuel Rosner at the Jerusalem Post, have taken a different approach, bringing up the Jenin "massacre" reports to tarnish all and any critic of Israel, as though the fact that a lie was disseminated (possibly by the IDF in the first place) in 2002 could offset the satellite images showing an attack that took place outside the territorial waters of Israel. This is part of a troubling trend of Zios copycating Holocaust denial techniques (a single Holocaust lie, like that the Nazis made soap from Jews, proves that the Holocaust itself is a lie; a single bogus Holocaust survivor, like Binyamin Wilkomirski, proves that all survivors are impostors).

Still other Zionists indulge in unrestrained self-victimhood. "Israel is slammed for the attack because the world is biased against Israel" (as proven by the recent, unanimous approval of the country's entry into the OECD). A Yediot Ahronot (Israel's leading newspaper) article is titled A brutal ambush at sea! You know -- if you break into my house and I hit you with a bat I'm ambushing you. I don't recall meanings being twisted so amusingly since "present absentee." Come on, why stop at "ambush"? What those people on the boat did was a downright pogrom! Or, better still, a Holocaust! Don't dare deny it or you'll be a Holocaust denier.

But the most striking feature here is the masturbatory nature of these Zionist efforts. They know their endless posts quoting self-appointed military experts will make next to no impression on the general public because:

  • Israel attacked the boats not the other way round.
  • The attack was not done to protect Israel from imminent danger.
  • No weapons were carried by the boats.
  • The blockade of Gaza is irrational as it has arbitrarily included over the years items like pasta, dresses or cattle.

I.e., there are too many common-sense issues to be counterbalanced by a purely legalistic approach. All the same, they publish the posts. I agree that the internal front is important, and that convincing others involves in the first place convincing your own troop. But the whole thing is so pathetically overdone that it amounts to preaching to the convert. For the arguments to have any efficacy, they would have to be used by someone mainstream, which, in turn, would require for said arguments not to be ridiculous. But Zionists often confuse "I can make a case for Israel, albeit ludicrous" with "I can make a winning case for Israel."

Much to their chagrin, more gigs will be cancelled in Tel Aviv, more Israeli professors will be disinvited by foreign universities and more countries will become forbidden land for Israeli war criminals. They'll say they don't give a damn because so far BDS hurts very little. But with actions like the attack on the flotilla, that small amount of pain is set to increase rather than diminish.


Anonymous said...

BDS? Let's make this very clear: it's not you untermenschen boycotting us, it's we the Herrenvolk boycotting you!


Anonymous said...

1) Did you see the IDF's video of what happened? It shows that the "activists" on this ship were intent on violent confrontation, which the Israelis were clearly not prepared for. The first commando to descend from the helicopter is in critical condition. The second commando down was shot. The third is in the hospital. If you were on that team and seeing your buddies maimed like that you would also open fire.

2) There is ample evidence that this Turkish flotilla was launched with the intention to provoke exactly such a bloody confrontation. The Turkish group organizing the show has open links to Hamas and Turkey is full of frustrated "martyrs" (albeit the ones killed are no longer "frustrated".) They were armed to the teeth for just such an eventuality. They knew they could not conceal heavy weapons when they'd be inevitably diverted to Cyprus and inspected but they could sure as hell keep their knives and crowbars. And beating a soldier unconscious gives you access to his gun...

3) A naval blockade is a legitimate tool of warfare against an enemy state, which Gaza surely is. Why don't the Egyptians open Rafah? This flotilla was not briging in food and medicine but purposefully banned articles, such as cement. The Israelis announced a month ago that they would inspect the shipment and transfer non-banned humanitarian goods to civilians in Gaza. But doing so would have thwarted the flotilla's true purpose: to provoke a violent confrontation with Israel. They knew the Israelis would never let them through. These were not "activists", they were agent provocateurs intent on causing a media maelstrom.

4) The Gaza blockade is 100% justified. Israel has no obligation under any international law to open its borders for trade with an enemy state. In fact it has an obligation to its own people to continue to blockade the ports of a terrorist state launching missiles at it and with a government openly advocating for Israel's destruction.

Gert said...

I was quite surprised by the barrage of International condemnation, believing Israel's Hasbara regarding 'terrorists on board' might still cut some sway with the usually cautious IC (once bitten, twice shy). But it seems no one buys Israel's bullshit anymore: so some hotheads were defending themselves or attacking the special ops (I must admit that the special op guy who was pushed from the upper deck to the lower made me laugh: he didn't see that one coming ;-)), it seems people worldwide are concentrating on the Big Picture and that involves a useless siege, a risible 'naval blockade' (so called because of Israel's navel staring?), a disastrous settlement policy, the storming of ships with humanitarian aid and Israel's two-fingers-to-the-world 'foreign policy'... In short, it seems the 'Bulwark against Islamofascism!' thingy now only works for internal use and for masturbatory purposes (which is the only real use it ever had).

Serious looking Israeli spokes persons have begun to inform us in impeccable English of the 'legalese' and no one gives a crap. And considering the general make-up of the people on board, trying to connect them to al-Qaeda (who must nonetheless be having a field day with this - talk about a massive own goal) will further reinforce the impression that those in charge of Israel have gone bonkers in the bunker.

There'll be increased talk of 'antiiii-Seeemitism' by Israelis and their supporters but people are getting tired of that song too. Israel is being 'singled out', as it should be: the mix of self-proclaimed victimhood in their 'tough neighbourhood' with constant references to historically genuine Jewish suffering is past its sell by date too...

'This time we went too far... again'!

Anonymous said...

"let the masturbation begin"

I knew right away that Ibrahim would use the videos as what in German is called a "Wichsvorlage"

- for non-German speakers:
the word was most likely created for the stuff they give sperm donors to get "it" in shape.

I can just visualise all 1,55 m of you glassy eyed hopefully labouring away - do you play maybe piano with your free hand in synch
- come to think of it: are you a right-hander, a left-hander or a both-hander?

- in case you have one hand free and enough brain power left for it maybe that's the time to try some pieces for one-handed piano out there.

thanks for that one you really cheered me up ...


and thanks Anon 11:24 for having taking so really well care of the serious stuff i.e. the truth

- there's still no official news on the injured soldiers and that makes me a sucker for any laugh at the expense of Ibrahim and his ilk I can get. It makes the waiting and praying and hoping more bearable.

andrew r said...

You are pathetic, anon. We've been paying attention to hasbara for years. First, there was never a sovereign state in Palestine, then Gaza was occupied by Egypt which did not try to create a state in Gaza, then it was occupied by Israel is a war of self-defense. All of a sudden, those who previously supported the settlements in Gaza get to declare it a state. That's the logic of the warmongers, shoot first, change the rules later.

And your ample evidence that the group wanted a confrontation is... wait for it... they're Muslims.

So Tom Hurndall wanted to get shot in the head, Rachael Corrie wanted to get run over, James Miller, Tristan Anderson, the Israeli Jew who lost an eye to a rubber bullet (don't remember his name)... Everyone provokes a confrontation and the poor, besieged soldiers armed with automatics and gunships fired at the civilians armed with carving knives and screwdrivers in panic.

Your arguments will convince your fellow travelers - and no one else - that Gaza is not occupied territory with the civilian population under collective punishment.

Joshua said...

I would like to think that this would be the major "turning point" to tip the scale but we've seen this type of massacre many times and we will see and read the same tired bullshit by Israel and by those who pretend that they claim to uphold international law and the UN doctrine horseplay. This will be the major focal point until some other piece of trash comes in for more Israel criticism, justifiably. Then in four years, they will come clean about the flotilla after they have burned the children of Gaza or a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon.

That is what the future holds.

Greg Potemkin said...

You know Ibrahim, I wish that I could think of a better (i.e. less vulgar) word to describe the tendency among Zionists to make arguments designed to make themselves feel better about their indefensible actions rather than make arguments which might be compelling to a neutral observer. But since I can’t think of a word which sums it up so well, I shall refrain from criticizing your slightly vulgar diction.

Sorry for my slum-prudery.

p.s. - Andrew and Gert, your ability to make serious and valid arguments when responding to the silliness of these anonymous trolls is remarkable.

Joshua said...

Did you notice this?


Anonymous said...

I have never bothered to set the date on my digital camera ...

... really Ibrahim you are attracting predominantly folks who have stuff of very doubtful quality between their ears?

Is that the reason why you need to treat yourself to frequent hand jobs?
because otherwise you can't tolerate realizing to what you have come? (in case you don't get it, in my country we say the most vital sexual organ is between the ears and I am sure when you read Joshua - not to mention your other sweethearts - that part of you must have winced from pain and needed urgent relief.)


PS: Because the results you come up with when you are typing are generally below par I still suspect that you might be capable of something real
- alas you'll stick with your ridiculous impersonations via lousily constructed characters instead of breathing the fresh air of independent thinking and doing.

Joshua said...

"... really Ibrahim you are attracting predominantly folks who have stuff of very doubtful quality between their ears?"

You comment here, so that's a positive.

Joshua said...

Others have astutely compared the video footage and noticed MANY glaring differences. There are too many inconsistencies with the footage released by the IDF but then again, I wouldn't expect anything else from the Liar Department.


Excuse the silly address, I got it from a Mondoweiss comment.

Joshua said...


More for our cockloving fiend named Silke.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Ibrahim
finally adoring-you Joshua managed to come up with something a wee bit intriguing.

He seems to be a crusading wannabe castrator lesbian?

as it happens those are the only people I have ever come across who don't love that wonderful piece of male anatomy he was accusing me of loving - weird isn't it or sick - I vote for the latter.

As to this "it's all a fake" which is spoonfed to gullible people like him, there is such a simple debunker for that available to any person capable of logical thinking that I consider it beneath me to get into that argument just as I would refuse to get into an argument of whether the earth might not be flat after all.


Anonymous said...

I'm taking pity on you Ibrahim for once

here is something for you - take a minute listen, look and if you are capable of admiring multi-layered irony do so
if not get yourself a belly-ache from it.


Anonymous said...

something happened to the link - here it is again
hope it works this time

from Silke with love to Ibrahim

Anonymous said...

This may interest you!

The audio "Unedited Radio Transmission Between Gaza Flotilla and Israeli Navy" is fabricated, too.

Segments were simply duplicated and slighlty pitchshifted to fake diversity of radio chatter.

The were some very bad cuts:
1) Between "Shut up" an "Go back to Ausschwitz.
2) A small low frequency pop at the beginning of the 911-message.
3) While the woman was adressing that israels threats were unjustifed and was interrupted by inserted fake chatter to "silence" her.
4) When the guy's message who said "Yehay, go navy" was duplicated and inserted into other chatter.

The message of the navy guy was segmented and the segments just duplicated and audiowarped in some tiny parts to change duration and alter emphasis of intonation.

You can hear the duplications very easy if you put one of them on the left and the other on the right channel, as they're nearly perfect in synch. The rhythm and the speech melody match excactly

I will challenge any audio engineer on this and provide examples with time stamps, if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

wow Ibrahim
quite something that new Anon who hit on you out of cyberspace
almost as much fun as that Carter ex-president guy who had seen UFOs

but I have a secret to reveal only for you, there are really live human beings living on the moon, of course only on the far side of the moon and of course that is a joint venture by Nasa and Mossad to spy on the innocent people on Mars.

and there are your buddies talking about zapping Zioenergy while the anti-Zio-energy is self-zapping in ever bigger streams of idiocy.


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