Monday, May 3, 2010

Circumcision in a nutshell

A Jew mutilates another Jew (and a newborn one to make matters worse), and a third Jew moans...

...that being Jewish hurts!

How antisemitic the world is.


thankgodimatheist said...

I especially liked how the Yaacov dude brought up the Hatuel story without even mentioning that Katif where the family lived, was a colony/settlement!
Context do not matter, I presume!

Anonymous said...

Jeez, all about "staying power"? I thought Yaacov had developed some kind of cure for premature ejaculation caused by circumcision.
This is a real problem for Jewish marriages.
But no, there was no useful information, or recipes for numbing creams, or nothin!

andrew r said...

I don't know who all lives in the States but here's a secret: 66% of all American males are cut. It's considered hygienic over here.

Muslims are also supposedly circumcized. Maybe one of the Muslim semi-regulars can tell us about that.

andrew r said...

Meant to say 75%. I was groggy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing about being Jewish hurts. We are indeed blessed. The most influential, brilliant, wealthy, powerful and moral people on earth. The Chosen.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Ibrahim congratulations!
finally your buddies are getting as outspoken as you've probably hoped for all the time