Sunday, August 9, 2009

Jewish terrorism: debunking yet another claim

I was appalled to read this post over at the otherwise excellent Mondoweiss. In it Phil Weiss describes an exchange he had with a PR expert:

Susie Kneedler tells me that an ad on National Public Radio for today’s "All Things Considered" teases a story by saying that "Jewish terrorists of 1947 were the first terrorists of the modern era." Or words to that effect. Huh. I brought this up with pr pro Marion Dreyfus the other night at a party. "But they warned the people," she said of the Irgun blowing up the King David Hotel in ‘46 (...).The Arabs never do that, said she.

What's Phil's response to that?

Does a flimsy warning excuse killing 91 people? Was Arlosoroff warned before Revisionists murdered him on the beach in Tel Aviv in ‘33 after he’d made the mistake of speaking about living with the Palestinians? Was Rabin warned before a rightwing nut shot him?

And I was appalled because I see that Zionists continue to succeed in restricting discussion of Jewish terrorism to the King David Hotel incident (plus a few isolated instances of Jew-on-Jew terror that can be easily dismissed as political violence). They use the warnings given (although there's no evidence whatsoever that they reached the British officers at the hotel) to draw a line between Jewish terrorism, which announced its strikes in advance so that civilians wouldn't die, and Arab terrorism, which only seeks to kill innocents.

So this is the Jewish terrorists gave warnings claim; how to debunk it? Once again, the Palestine Post (today's Jerusalem Post) archives come in handy. Here's the cover from 30 Dec 1947 (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE):

Notice the following story:

It reads:

Bomb at Damascus Gate kills 15 Arabs
A bomb attack at Damascus gate at 12.40 yesterday morning resulted in the deaths of 15 Arabs and injuries to about 50 more. (...) Riding in a green taxi, three Jews --two of them reportedly wearing tarbushes-- dashed past the Arab National Guard at the New Gate, continued down Suleiman's Way and tossed out a bomb near the bus station. The streets, crowded with Arabs waiting for buses to all parts of the country, were turned into a shambles.

Further, here's the cover from 20 Jun 1939 (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE):

The most prominent story reads:

49 Arab casualties in Haifa explosion
18 killed outright

Haifa, Monday.- A terrific explosion, the second this year and occuring within a few feet of the spot of the earlier one, claimed nearly 50 killed and wounded here this morning. Shortly after 6 o'clock a huge bomb, apparently time-set, exploded near the Paris Café, facing the Central Police Station, in the Arab market quarter.

So do Jews tossing a bomb from a taxi at a bus station at rush hour so that civilian victims will be maximized look like a "warnings were given" situation? And is there any evidence that the bombing of the Haifa market quarter was previously announced by the terrorists?

Education, education, education. The world needs to learn more about when Jews committed atrocities very similar to the Palestinians' (now they commit atrocities that are different from the Palis'). But how do we expect to expose the Zionists when not even the antis are aware of the scope and bestiality of Jewish terrorism?


j said...

What a history lesson. I beat that there is much more in Hebrew about their national heroes.

Utpal said...

You may wanna read "The making of Israeli Militarism" by Uri Ben-Eliezer some day. Many more examples.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

Utpal, can you point to those examples, so that I can look for them in the scanned version of the book that's available in Google Books? Browsing the Palestine Post for terror acts can become tiresome. Thank you.

j said...

Thank you, very enlightening book.

Utpal said...

Ibrahim, I don't have the book with me (my copy is in storage in LA, US; I moved to Spain (or the Basque Country,which, as many natives insist is not quite part of "el estado español") but still havent managed to move my library). I could look here, but I don't think the UPV/EHU library has too many books in English on the Arab-Israeli conflict. The book in question mainly deals with Jewish terror and the practice of provoking terror from the Arab side to justify further Jewish terror against Arabs as "justified revenge" (practised by both IZL/LEHI as well as Haganah before 1948), but more importantly, after 1948 (most of the book is in fact about 1948-56), when the Israeli state pretty behaved in this fashion. The author argues that much Israeli behavior since then pretty much repeats this kind of behavior (which we saw in Gaza most recently).

Anyhow, I will take a look if I can still find a copy.

tree said...


There is a book available online called "Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem", originally published in 1991 by Issa Nakhleh, and kindly put on the web by Tom Voltz a year or so ago. It lists numerous terrorist actions committed by Zionists in the pre-state era, referenced by British or UN sources. I'd recommend it for a very thorough listing.

Here's the table of contents page:

Anonymous said...

Your attempts to smear the Zionists will not exonerate you or your culture from the murder of 6 million innocent Jews merely 60 years ago. The blood stain on your hands cannot be washed off with anti-Israeli propaganda.