Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Israel, Daniella Weiss and the good cop-bad cop game

We all know Israel honors its obligations under the Road Map. Therefore, it doesn't build new settlements in the West Bank, only extensions of existing ones, and then only to accommodate natural growth. What do we antisemites want, to sterilize Jewish women?

In line with that good behavior, Israel cracks down on anyone who tries to illegally build homes outside the legal (under Israeli law) settlements.

Or does it.

No, it doesn't. The Jerusalem Post reports that:

The Land of Israel Faithful group said Monday it has a plan to construct 30 new outposts in the West Bank over the summer, in response to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech a day earlier in which he said that no new settlements would be built and no additional land would be expropriated for settlement development.

Former Kedumim mayor Daniella Weiss, one of the leaders of the Land of Israel Faithful, told The Jerusalem Post her group was recruiting activists for this summer's outpost building.

I.e., this woman is announcing that she'll do something that is illegal under both Israeli and international law. The whole point of the operation is actually not so much to erect new land-grabbing units, but to reinforce the existing ones. Can you imagine? Thirty new outposts are set up; one day the Israeli army comes and destroys them; and the following day the Hasbara brigade appears in the media to announce that, in a painful concession, Israel has dismantled tens of outposts. That way the public will forget about the 100 or so equally illegal outposts that had been previously established, which will then become part of the "facts on the ground." Ms. Weiss explained it much more succinctly than me:

Weiss said she was not concerned that by pushing to build at more sites, the Land of Israel Faithful would weaken those eight outposts it has been trying to establish for two years.

"I have learned from experience that if you create new things, it strengthens the old ones," she said.

In the face of this cynical statement, one would expect the State of Israel to arrest her to show its commitment to the Road Map. Instead, she's allowed to roam the West Bank unmolested "creating things" at will. She doesn't loose sleep over the possibility of ending up in jail. She has "learned from experience" that, in the unlikely event that she's detained, she'll be released within a few hours.

It would be so easy for the Israeli government to shut us all up! Just by cracking down on the few rotten apples in the West Bank it would deprive the Pally-supporting crowd of a talking point. Why doesn't it, if it has repeatedly denounced the illegal outposts?

I won't give a direct answer to that; only remind the reader that in police stations all over the world there exists a game called good cop-bad cop. The bad cop mistreats the detainee; the good cop pretends to care for him. But two rules are inflexible: the good cop, for all his feigned concern, will never do anything concrete to stop the bad cop. And the detainee always ends up beaten to a pulp.


Gert said...

Oh, never mind the West Bank...

Weiss on the Promised Land:

"Weiss believes that the land of Israel should be the Biblical "Promised Land", stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates, which today would take in a large chunk of Egypt, Israel and the occupied territories, the whole of Jordan, and a broad slice of western Iraq."

At least she's honest about it...

Health Blog said...

The whole point of the operation is actually
not so much to erect new land-grabbing
units, but to reinforce the existing ones.

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Anonymous said...

it is your land to build upon and your borders will increase but the Holy One of Israel is your Leader be wise

Anonymous said...

GO DANIELLA!! I support you as well as the other 700 in my church 110 percent!!