Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Singling out raised to the power of two

OK; let's suppose, just for the sake of argument, that we anti-Zionists are in fact guilty of singling out Israel for demonization, like the Hasbara troupe likes to charge. Of all the countries that commit human rights abuses in the world, we condemn Israel and only Israel, even when other countries are far worse offenders, and that's a severe moral fault.

But are we alone? Check the following photograph of an anti-Sri Lanka rally held in London on February 2 (CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE):

The sign in the red box reads:


Some of these demonstrators may have been Sri Lankan Tamils, a group that seeks autonomy from the majority Sinhalese people. Some others may have not. But one thing is certain: they accused the Sinhalese of a genocide that is not taking place. Worse still, they did not speak about Darfur, where an actual genocide is under way. In other words, they singled out the ethnic group that rules Sri Lanka for demonization. There can be no doubt that they are anti-Sinhalites.

Yet the Hasbara peddlers don't say a word about those pro-Tamil demonstrators, even when their behavior is comparable to that of us anti-Zionists. In other words, of all the people who single out countries for demonization, the Hasbaristas only charge anti-Zionists with racism, while leaving all other demonizers alone. That's singling out raised to the power of two, an arguably worse sin than the single-level singling out we are accused of engaging in.

By now you must have gotten my point. If all people were under an obligation to write a treatise on all similar offenses each time they want to denounce a particular instance of wrongdoing, no one would ever be able to denounce anything. The Zionists would be well-advised not to cry "racism" whenever we talk about Israel, because we don't have any moral duty to talk about similar or worse countries. But if they believe we do, then they should be hurling the racism slur against all people who denounce one and just one country -- or accept they're themselves guilty of singling out a group for demonization.


Ernie Halfdram said...

I'm shocked, shocked to learn that Zionists apply double standards!

Anonymous said...

"By now you must have gotten my point."

I've gotten that you've missed the point. Again. It's genuinely upsetting to see you making a fool of yourself again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ibrahim, can you check the IP addresses of comments? I'm thinking anonymous at 4:39 showed up here before, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

Anonymous said...

'No Jew said or did anything '

...to make Israel kill 20,000 people in Lebanon and thousands in the last two Intifadas. Those were Zionists.

Gert said...

I've come here hopping over from Harry's Place (via my daily chuckle source, Mad Mel Phlips) and of course you're correct: 'singling out raised to the power of two' is a great way to describe it. Any criticism of Israel has to be singled out and equated to anti-Semitism (and according to one Harry devotee equated with Holocaust denial). The Holocaust - Nazis analogy is fairly feeble in my opinion (and certainly over-used) but I cannot see how this analogy deserves special treatment by Zionists, when in reality just about every one else too found guilty of something gets the "Nazi!" treatment. I didn't see HP protesting when many around the world compared Shrub to Hitler.

Personally I believe the worldwide anti-Zionist demos aren't just about Gaza either: in the case of many (possibly most) demonstrators it's years (decades in my case) of anger over Israel's colonialism and brutal wars finally spilling over into the streets. Zionist will have us believe that it's all an over-reaction to Gaza but IMHO it's much more than that.

Anonymous: you sound like Perez on steroids.

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

Andrew: I don't know how to check a commenter's IP.

I'm shocked, shocked to learn that Zionists apply double standards!

Do you think they also use human shields? THAT would be a real shock.

Zionist will have us believe that it's all an over-reaction to Gaza but IMHO it's much more than that.

Well, they say it's a disproportionate response from us anti-Zionists.

But I prefer to call it collateral damage.

Ernie Halfdram said...

Afraid so: http://bureauofcounterpropaganda.blogspot.com/2008/01/human-shields.html

Anonymous said...

So a single little sign at the one and only anti-Sri Lanka demo in London is equivalent to the hundreds of demonstrations across the world featuring grotesque anti-Semitic, Islamist and neo-Nazi imagery? That is a retarded equation.

Health Blog said...

Some others may have not.