Friday, January 29, 2010

Israeli Jewish racism (update 1): Genocidal languages

When German Chacellor Angela Merkel spoke before the Knesset on March 18, 2008, MK Arye Eldad, from the National Union-National Religious Party, left the plenum in disconformity. His objection? Merkel was addressing the Israeli parliament in her mother tongue -- German. As Eldad explained to the media:

"The last words my family heard were in German, and those were the orders to shoot them," Eldad said. "My protest is against the State of Israel and the Knesset, who invited her to make an address inside [the Knesset] when protocol does not require it."

Eldad's account may or may not be accurate (lots of Jews were executed by Ukrainians or Lithuanians), but what does it matter? The important thing is the symbolic significance of his unsourced statement. Very much like Misha DeFonseca or Benjamin Wilkomirski or Herman Rosenblat -- who are we to laugh at their fake Holocaust experiences? I mean, after all they went through, does it really matter it was a fabrication?

Joining in Eldad's protest was Shelly Yacimovich, from Labor:

Yacimovich said that while Merkel was a true friend to Israel, "allowing her to speak in German in the Israeli Knesset is utterly insensitive to Holocaust survivors. Germany is our ally, but in our generation we must respect the wounded psyches of survivors."

At first glance this would seem to be nonsense, and one would be tempted to point out that while survivors deserve respect and a just treatment --such as Germany, though not Israel, grants them--, they should not hold all speakers of a language hostage. Upon deeper analysis, however, one realizes that German's compound words, separable verbs and mixed vowels indeed arouse in the speaker the desire to commit genocide. Particularly guilty is the umlaut sign (¨), not coincidentally also present in Turkish. (Spanish also uses it, but nowhere as frequently; that would explain why the Inquisition killed far less people than the Holocaust or the Armenian genocide.)

Against that backdrop, Israeli Arab student Hanin Muslah committed an even worse crime than Angela Merkel. While on an Israeli bus, she spoke Arabic. Yes, Arabic -- the language in which the Mufti of Jerusalem instructed the Germans to start the Final Solution. Ynet reports:

Muslah, who is originally from the Wadi Ara area and is studying for a degree in engineering at the establishment's architecture and interior design department, said two armed security guards boarded the bus near a checkpoint as it was leaving Ariel. She claimed that the guards questioned her after hearing her speak Arabic and eventually ordered her to get off the bus.

"As I was talking on my cell I noticed they were pointing at me," said Muslah, who takes the same bus home every day. "I started to cry. I have never been so humiliated in my entire life. They took me off the bus in the middle of nowhere. I told them, 'I'm an Israeli, just like you are, so why are you treating me like this? Why take me off the bus in such a degrading manner?'"

Ms. Muslah is wrong. She is Israeli, but the guards are Jewish, i.e., much more Israeli than her. The Israelis' concept of equality is the same as that of the pigs in Animal farm. (Will I ever be able to criticize Zionism without using antisemitic, dehumanizing, and, worst of all, treif imagery?)

The Dhimmi status of Arabs in Israel is further confirmed by the following remarkable statement:

"I don't wear a veil or traditional dresses; I don’t look Arab," said the student, "I was taken off the bus only because I spoke Arabic."

Somewhat pathetically, this young woman is implying that, had she worn a veil, taking her off the bus would have been OK. I did my homework, she seems to complain, to have the "right" looks. Can't I be forgiven if I speak Arabic with my mom on the cell?

Ehm, no, Ms. Muslah, you can't. You're a second-class citizen. You'll be tolerated on buses and even in classrooms, but the moment you get assertive about your Arab identity, the system will make sure that you don't get away with it.

Later on in life you'll discover that however Western the clothes you wear, and however polished the Hebrew you speak, your job application will be dismissed as soon as your prospective Jewish employer reaches the line in your résumé that says, "Name." Welcome to Zionism, Ms. Muslah.


Ernie Halfdram said...

Oh, come on, Ibrahim. Any linguist knows that a diacritic can't cause genocide,. Obviously it's the rounded front vowels they indicate what does it. And that's why the Finns, the French...

evildoer said...

Your indictment of the umlaut is masterful, but you forget the Eszett, a common graph that is transliterated as SS!!!!!!!

And you see it on every street sign because it is part of the word 'strasse'!

Plus, it is used in no other European language.

I believe that the Eszett explains everything about German history.

Gert said...

Assuming MK Eldad is actually being honest (debatable, since as 'honest Zionists' are such short supply) I actually feel rather sorry for him. This attempt at connecting a language with a crime would logically mean that there are practically no European languages he can listen to without being tormented. In Nazi Germany's Europe there were after all Nazi collaborators in just about any European country. Undoubtedly there were some Jewish collaborators too.

MK Eldad has problems with that simple principle: the sins of the fathers do not pass on to the sons.

Anonymous said...

"Every day the sun rises on the Jewish State of Israel is a rebuke to those who planned Auschwitz and what it stood for."

-- President Barak Obama, 27 January 2010

Brandwein said...

The original language of the book "The Jewish State" by Theodor Herzl, is the German. "Der Judenstaat". Original sin?

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

You're right, Anon. I should have never planned Auschwitz. Every Arab elderly woman stoned in Hebron, every Christian priest spat on in Jerusalem, every Jewish-Arab couple harassed by vigilantes in Pisgat Zeev, every call to murder Gentile children published by an Israeli rabbi are all testimony to my utter failure.

I promise to work on these issues with my shrink.

Anonymous said...

Jews are not a race, you stupid, Israel has all colors ans races as Israeli citizens.
But than again what can one expect from an ARAB RACIST?

Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf said...

Saying that Jews can't be racist because Judaism isn't a race is like saying that Arabs can't be antisemites because Arabic is a semitic language. You're confusing etymology with meaning.

andrew r said...

Jews are not a race, you stupid

Righteous, anon. Kinda makes me wish you were around when Churchill was backing Zionism on that basis. And that guy was pretty stupid.

Gert said...

"Jews are not a race, you stupid, Israel has all colors ans races as Israeli citizens."

There he goes again, conflating Jews with Israel. Two thirds of worldwide Jewry doesn't live in Israel, a good dollop oppose Zionism, at least in its current form.

Stop pretending Israel represents all Jews, Jewry or Judaism. It doesn't...